About the BERG

The Behavioural and Experimental Research Group [BERG] is a group of scholars who focuses behavioural theory and the role of decision-making experiments in understanding how people make decisions. The goal of BERG is to promote multidisciplinary research in the University of Peradeniya. It brings together faculty staff, national/international researchers, industry partners and research students with similar interests and to combine knowledge, analytical skills and experiences to deliver successful projects, experimental surveys, laboratory and field experiments.

The following are the key objectives of BERG:

 Promote corporation between individual researchers in the faculty to strengthen the quality of research and to carry out surveys, lab and field experiments that require coordinated effort.

 To attract and stimulate young researchers while engaging them in behavioural and experimental research and to develop innovative ideas.

 To internationalize the research outcomes and practices through BERG allowing the participation of cross-countries studies and the mobility among the researchers.

 Emphasize and improve the societal and industrial relevance of the issues to be addressed in research and capability to attract and engage partners that provide projects and funding.