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We are a multi-disciplinary Department with a strong focus on Operations Management and Decision Sciences. Under the former, we explore the interface between Innovation and Operations, and engage in enquiries on the core concepts of Operations Management. We deal with key techniques of Decision Sciences in the latter in order to evaluate alternatives and make recommendations on competitive priorities. Our teaching and research cover a range of field across these two disciplines such as Design and Management of Supply Chain Networks, Design of Products, Processes, Layout and Resource Planning, Quality planning, Lean Systems and Managing Improvement, Project Management and Operations scheduling, Decision Sciences, and Entrepreneurship and Tourism Management.



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Student Exhibition on Lean Manufacturing

Students who are following the Lean Manufacturing (OPM 401) course offered by the Department of Operations Management conducted a successful exhibition as a partial fulfilment of their continuous assessment evaluation on 5th June 2018 from 10.00 am onwards.

The exhibition was named “Lean World” and five groups presented in the exhibition under themes of Evolution of Lean, Seven Waste and Productivity, Lean Tools and Performance Enhancement, Culture of Lean and Lean and Sustainability.