Message from Head of Department

Dr. S. Maheswaran
Head- Department of Operations Management
Lecturer ,
+94777842232, +94813832614

The Department of Operations Management is one of the largest departments in the Faculty of Management. At Present, it offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Operations Management) (Special) Degree and also courses for the B.Com and the B.Sc. (Computation and Management) Degree programs.

The Department of Operations Management delivers a multi-disciplinary knowledge with the analysis of the global demand created by focusing on the courses such as Operations Management, Operations Research, Supply Chain Management, Productivity Management, Management Information Systems, Material Management, Lean Manufacturing and many more. Such courses are designed to provide the students with knowledge and skills on how to manage operations in a business more effectively and efficiently. In addition, those courses are aimed to enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes that are important in an organizational environment, namely general business knowledge, technical knowledge, IT literacy, analytical and problem solving abilities, numeracy and negotiation skills.

The ultimate objective of the Department is to produce high quality graduates to meet the current day challenges. For this purpose, the students who undergo this specialization area will be exposed to a rigorous learning process through the coursework carried out with the combination of presentations, quizzes, debates, field visits, report writing, etc. Students will also enrich with an exposure to the industry during the Internship training in the final year, and will make the first step in their professional career. Meantime, research skills of the students will be strengthen via dissertation and project reports. By this way, the Department is making every attempt to make the time that students spend at the University more meaningful and productive.