Ms. R.M.U.R.K.Rathnayaka

Lecturer (Probationary)

Department of Marketing
Faculty of Management
University Of Peradeniya

+94 714947057, +94 813832612

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Academic/Professional Qualifications


B.B.Mgt( Special )Degree in Marketing Management, 2016, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka


Reading for Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing(CIM), UK


Reading for Master of Business Administration (MBA) General Degree, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Research Interests

Marketing Research, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability Marketing, Global Marketing

Publications and Researches

  1. Ubayachandra E.G, Rathnayaka R.M.U.R.K. “The impact of visual merchandising on customer buying decision with special reference to fashion retailing stores in Sri Lanka” on 25th August 2017 at International Conference on Contemporary Management (ICCM 2017) organized by University of Jaffna.
  2. Rathnayaka R.M.U.R.K., Madhuhansi W.H.T “The impact made by visual merchandising on purchase intension with special reference to super market industry, Western province, Sri Lanka” on September issue 2017 at International Journal of Scientific & Research Publications.
  3. Rathnayaka R.M.U.R.K “Factors Affecting for Consumer Switching Behaviour from Toilet Soap to Face wash reference to Female segment in Kandy District” for International Journal of Research (IJR) Volume 04, Issue 07
  4. Rathnayaka R.M.U.R.K. “Factors affecting the academic performance of the undergraduate students, with special reference to the University students in Sri Lanka” for International Journal of Research (IJR) Volume 04, Issue 13
  5. Rathnayaka R.M.U.R.K “The Effects of Virtual Visual Merchandising on Compulsive Buying Behavior of Credit Card Holders with Special Reference to Online Fashion Retailing Stores in Sri Lanka.” For International Conference on Management and Economics (ICME 2017) organized by University of Ruhuna.
  6. Rathnayaka R.M.U.R.K“The Impact made from CSR Initiatives on Consumer Buying Behavior with special reference to Cargill’s (Ceylon) PLC, Sri Lanka” for International Conference of the Sri Lanka Forum of University Economists (SLFUE 2017), organized by University of Rajarata .
  7. Rathnayaka R.M.U.R.K “Role of Digital Marketing in Retail Fashion Industry: A Synthesis of the Theory and the Practice” on 11th June 2018 for International Journal of Accounting & Marketing, Volume 7, Issue 02.
  8. Rathnayaka R.M.U.R.K “Ascendency of Pricing Strategies on Impulsive Buying Behavior with reference to retail consumer goods in Sri Lanka ;A comparative study on generations X, Y and Z” for Interdisciplinary Conference on Management Research (ICMR 2017) organized by Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.
  9. Rathnayaka R.M.U.R.K “Effects of Experiential Marketing towards Customer Satisfaction: With special reference to online Fashion Stores in Sri Lanka” for 8th International Conference of Business and Information (ICBI) organized by University of Kelaniya.