Message from Head of Department

Prof. R. H. Kuruppuge
Head- Department of Operations Management
Professor ,

The Department of Operations Management is one of the largest departments in the Faculty of Management, University of Peradeniya and offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Operations Management) (Special) degree and also courses for the B.Com, the BA and the B.Sc. (Computation and Management) degree programs.

The foremost objective of the Department is to produce high quality graduates who are capable of making decisions to gain operational excellence in the business world. In this endeavor, the Department delivers a multi-disciplinary courses such as Operations Management, Operations Research, Supply Chain Management, Product Designing, Hospitality Management, Lean Manufacturing, Service Operations, Statistical Quality Control, Industrial Engineering and many more. The academic curriculum of the Department is designed with the intention of keening the undergraduates updated with the latest concepts, practices, methods and technological changes in the manufacturing and service industries amidst the dynamic business environment. The students specialized in Operations Management will be exposed to a demanding and a unique learning process through the coursework carried out with the combination of classroom and online teaching, viva presentations, quizzes, debates, field visits, report writing etc.

The Department of Operations Management is enriched with a high quality academic environment with a qualified academic staff that provides vast opportunities for the students to sharpen their knowledge, attitudes and skills. The staff members of the Department always encourage students to enrich their future by exposing to the practical aspects in the industry during their studies, specifically in the final semester of the degree programme. At the same time, the undergraduates are motivated to pursue their research studies via the final dissertation which would gain a lot of competencies for them to operate as an efficient operation manager in days to come.

The Department of Operations Management is playing an imperative role in creating a qualified graduate who can economize the resources in the business environment.

Prof. R. H. Kuruppuge


Department of Operations Management