Internship Programme


The Internship Program for the undergraduates of the Faculty of Management aims to prepare its undergraduates to meet the challenges of the competitive job market. Internships are work-related learning experiences that provide undergraduates with the opportunity to gain useful knowledge and skills in a career that are related to their studies at the Faculty of Management. The internship program, therefore, is a complementary and integrated element of the academic program offered by the Faculty in which students experience real world business and organizational operations throughout specified duration.
Under the Internship placement the students are expected to learn how the theories that they have already learnt in the classroom apply to practical situations. Also, students are supposed to experience the way in which business activities are conducted, and the executives perform their duties. They will learn firsthand how to work with coworkers of all ages, function in a staff meeting, negotiate with a customer, and communicate with a supervisor. Moreover, the internships provide opportunities for the students to develop their soft skills in interpersonal, communication and teamwork over technical aptitudes.