• Students are required to register for courses within the first two weeks of each Semester. The Procedure is given below:

    1. The Office of the Dean announces dates for the registration and students should register in person using the form available at the Office of the Dean.
    2. The registration fee should be deposited to the bank account using paying voucher issued by the Office of the Dean. Those who re-take the courses should also follow the same procedure.
    3. Duly completed forms together with the bank slip should be handed over to the Office of the Dean at the time of registration.

    Registration fees are as follows:

    Fee for the current semester    - Rs. 500.00 

    Registration fee for retake Courses

    • 100 level - Rs. 25.00 per course
    • 200 level - Rs. 40.00 per course
    • 300 & 400 level - Rs. 50.00 per course                                                                                                              

    Scrutinizing fee for end semester examination - Rs. 500.00 per course

  • Specialization courses are offered in the 300 and the 400 levels of the program. Based on the specialization choice and performance in the 100 and 200 levels courses, students shall be allowed to select a field of specialization. Students shall not be allowed to change the field of specialization once it is selected.

  • There are five areas of specializations namely, Accounting and Finance, Organizational Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and Operations Management.

  • BBA program is conducted in English medium and therefore you need to have substantial knowledge in English. During the orientation period, new entrants are offered Intensive English Course assigning them to different groups based on the performance at the Intensive English Course Exit Test. After the orientation programme, English language courses are offered during the degree programme to further improve the knowledge in English. If students can improve their English language proficiency before entering the University, it would be an added advantage for their academic works.

  • A student who failed to sit the end semester examination/s for medical or other reasons acceptable to the Department is given an incomplete grade (I) for the course if the student informs the Department within 7 days from the date of examination.

    Requests for incompletes have to be justified with documentary proof. The Department has the discretion to accept or decline the request for an incomplete based on valid reasons.

    If accepted, the final year student/s shall be given makeup examination in the relevant semester of the 400 level. The make-up examinations shall be held within four weeks from the day of the particular proper examination and the students concerned should remove the incomplete grade and obtain a grade point.

    The students of all other levels should sit the examination at the next available attempt and remove the letter grade ‘I’ that is carried until such time. In a circumstance that a student was unable to get the incomplete grade removed at the next available attempt, the actual grade obtained at the first attempt shall be confirmed by the Board of Examiners.

  • A student who failed to sit the mid-semester examination for proven medical or other reasons acceptable to the Department may be given a make-up examination on the student’s request to the Department within 7 days from the date of such examination.

    The Department with consultation of the lecturer concerned has the discretion to accept or decline the request. If accepted, the department shall arrange a make-up examination for the student/s concerned.

  • To pass the BBA degree, a candidate must have fulfilled the following requirements:

    1. obtained 120 credits with the necessary level-based requirements,
    2. obtained 24 credit equivalents in ELM (English language for Management) courses,
    3. obtained a GPA of 2.00 or above,
    4. completed the above within the stipulated time period (4 years).
  • Credit transfers are allowed only from the national and international universities that have an equivalent semester/course unit system.

    However, departmental recommendation and Faculty Board approval are required for such credit transfers.

    Upon student’s request and submission of the original transcripts from such universities, the credit transfer with a letter grade and grade point shall be considered at the Faculty Board.

  • Student must complete all the requirements for a degree within four year duration from the date of admission to be eligible for a class.

    For medical or other acceptable exceptional reasons, the duration could be extended by another four years and the maximum stipulated period shall be eight years.

    In such case, the eligibility for class shall be determined by the Faculty Board.

    The candidacy of students who have exceeded the maximum time period to complete the degree program shall be automatically canceled.

  • Extensions on medical grounds:

    Extensions are granted on acceptable medical reasons certified by the Chief Medical Officer of the University Health Center or the Medical Board. Students granted extensions on medical grounds shall be eligible for honors if he/she completes the degree program within five years.

    A student must submit a medical certificate approved by the Chief Medical Officer of the University Health Center with the request for extension. The Faculty Student Admissions and Request Committee shall study all such requests and make recommendations to the Faculty Board.

    Extensions can be granted for up to two years maximum per request. (Extensions on child birth and maternity reasons shall be considered as medical reasons.)

    Extensions on non-medical grounds:

    Requests for extensions on non-medical grounds shall be considered by the Faculty Student Admissions and Request Committee and the Faculty Board shall determine their acceptability, and if acceptable, whether or not the student is eligible for honors.

    A student granted overseas leave up to one year for studies on exchange programs of the University of Peradeniya shall be eligible for honors if the degree program is completed within five years.

  • If a student obtains a grade of E (i.e. fail) for a course in any semester, he/she shall retake the course when it is offered next time with the grade of the retake replacing the original grade (E).

    Only three retake attempts are allowed for any single course, and the maximum grade obtainable on a retake is “C”. Thus, a student can register only for one proper take and three retakes during their tenure.

    If a student fails in a course in his/her final year in the University, the student still has to follow the entire course and fulfill all the requirements when it is offered next.

  • Regarding the continuous assessments, the Head of Department shall display raw marks of continuous assessments on the relevant Department notice board.

    In the case of final examination the letter grade of the final results shall be displayed on the notice board by the relevant Head of Department subject to approval of the board of examiners.

  • A transcript to every student shall be issued by the Office of the Dean for each semester.

    At the end of the degree program, a Final Transcript shall be issued with above details plus Overall GPA and class (if applicable).

    An Authentic Transcript (for a semester or full degree program) can be requested from the Dean’s Office by paying stipulated fee.